Edward Lovato, J.D. Offers His Thoughts On The Perls Campaign For Clerk

Rarely are Foreign Service Officers in the news like they have been recently with the impeachment hearings going on in Washington D.C. These patriots are non-partisan public servants who all swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Ambassadors Taylor, Kent, Volker and Yovanovitch have each demonstrated great courage by testifying publicly about the facts pertaining to the impeachment inquiry. All have had long, stellar careers in the Department of State and in the Pentagon. They exemplify the patriotism and professionalism that is emblematic of America’s diplomatic corps.

Here in Sandoval County we are fortunate to have another former Foreign Service Officer, Bob Perls, who is running for County Clerk. Bob served in the Foreign Service from January 2010 through May of 2015. He served our country in Germany, The Gambia, Canada and Pakistan. Bob tells me that he volunteered for a high threat post like Pakistan because he had not served in the military and wanted to take on a hardship post to do his duty. Due to the threat level, Bob’s family did not accompany him to Pakistan. Bob’s wife, Joan, remained in New Mexico while Bob worked tirelessly with our military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

This is the kind of commitment to country and to public service we need in an office of public trust like the Sandoval County Clerk, our chief election officer. As a former Marine Officer and local attorney, I respect Bob’s service, patriotism, and commitment to the rule of law. He will make an excellent County Clerk.

Edward W. Lovato
Rio Rancho Resident