I returned to Albuquerque full-time in 1981 to start a business and raise a family. My wife and I bought a home in the University area and had two kids. I earned an emergency medical technician (EMT) certification and served on the Sandia Peak Volunteer ski patrol. In 1982, I founded Monitech, Inc., a medical technology company and after 4 years of success built an office at 1018 Coal Avenue SE, across from one of my largest clients, Presbyterian Hospital. I continued to grow the company, hiring dozens of New Mexicans to high-wage jobs until I sold the company in 2008.

I attended UNM’s Robert Anderson School of business for their executive MBA program and also took graduate courses in political science. I did not complete a degree at that time, but decided to focus on growing my company. In 2014 I earned a M.S. in Healthcare Management from University of Maryland.