In 1990, I moved to Corrales to continue raising my family. I served as Chair of the Corrales Parks and Rec Commission and coached Corrales youth soccer for 8 years.

In 1992 ran for the State Legislature where I was elected as a Democrat to represent parts of Bernalillo, Corrales and Rio Rancho (House District 44). In 1994, I ran successfully for re-election, but also got divorced. I was a single Dad for several years with joint custody of my two kids.

In 1996, I met Joan Findley, a long time Corraleño and we married in 1999. Throughout the 1990s, I spent my time serving my constituents in office, running a company, and raising a blended family with four children.

As a State Representative, I developed a reputation as a mediator and coalition-builder, passing creative legislation with biparti-san support including the first Charter School Act in NM, the PRC creation Act – which for the first time term-limited our regulators, created districts so that most were not elected only from Santa Fe, and included ethics legislation that said regulators can’t raise money from industries they regulate. I wrote and championed the Tobacco Control Act for Minors that made it illegal to sell ciga-rettes to minors for the first time in our state. The Charter School Act was signed by Governor Bruce King and supported by the Albuquerque Teachers Federation.