“Accountability, transparency and excellence are critical for New Mexico. Bob Perls’ past record and future plans embrace those values and actions. His public health education and cyber security experience make him the perfect person to handle the responsibilities of the Sandoval County Clerk’s Office especially as the COVID 19 pandemic plays out and New Mexico, hopefully, moves to a mail-in system to cast electoral ballots. The people of Sandoval County will be well-served by Bob Perls.”

Brian S. Colón, Esq.,
State Auditor of New Mexico

“Fair and secure elections are a big deal to me. As Chief Prosecutor in Sandoval County I want to see someone like Bob with the knowledge to modernize the election process and election security. If there is a problem, we are the ones who prosecute and I know Bob has the experience to ensure an honest, transparent operation.”

District Attorney Lemuel Martinez,
13th Judicial District including Sandoval County

“Bob Perls will ensure fair elections for all voters. He is a leader and champion for open primaries and will make a great County Clerk.”

State Representative Antonio “Moe” Maestas,
House District 16 incumbent

“Bob is a born public servant. As a state representative and as a diplomat for the State Department, Bob has carried himself with distinction and with constant focus on the issues that matter. He is passionate about elections as shown by his continued commitment to issues like open primaries and will be a great county clerk.”

State Representative Daymon Ely and Cynthia Fry,
House District 23 Incumbent and, spouse, Former NM Court of Appeals Judge

“We had some good times together in the legislature. Bob will be a great county clerk because he already knows how to work with people of different walks of life to get things done for the good of ALL. One can disagree without being mean or nasty and he has shown he knows how to build bridges, listen and then do the right thing.”

Delano Garcia,
Former State Representative

“I’ve known Bob Perls for several decades beginning from the time he and I served as State Representatives together. He served on my committee for two years and I saw him up close-his work ethic, honesty and ability to get along with nearly everyone. I also saw that he always supported critical Native American sovereignty policy issues.

Bob is not only the best qualified candidate running for Sandoval County Clerk, but I know he cares deeply about voter engagement because of his extensive past work on the subject in New Mexico. As County Clerk, he will do everything necessary to engage himself to constantly reach out to eligible voters to register to vote especially on Native American lands as well as other rural areas and throughout Sandoval County. As County Clerk, I know Bob will make a commitment to provide leadership on election reform measures that make the voting process fair and easier for all eligible voters to vote. These are reasons I’m endorsing Bob Perls for Sandoval County Clerk.”

Lynda Lovejoy,
Former Commissioner, Public Regulation Commission; Former State Senator; Former State Representative

“Bob was instrumental as a State Representative in helping behind the scenes and in the legislature to help create the Rio Rancho School District. He knows the community and worked on a non-partisan basis to make it better. I support his run for Sandoval County Clerk because I know him to be honest and hard working. With his tech and cyber-security background, he will be well positioned to modernize the office.”

Marlene Feuer,
Rio Rancho City Councilor, District 4

“Bob Perls has shown in his involvement in state and federal government that he has the public spirit we need in our elected officials. The most important role for the office of county clerk is to manage and conduct elections. Bob is passionate about increased access to the polls for all voters. This means that he is a proponent of increased opportunities for registering to vote, and making registration and voting as simple as possible for everyone, including those with disabilities. Bob also knows that as the election process becomes more and more automated, it becomes more vulnerable to manipulation (e.g., hacking), calling for improved security measures to ensure that votes are accurately counted.”

Paul Stokes,
New Mexico election expert

“Bob is a proven leader, a problem solver and mediator, with experience across a broad spectrum in both business and governmental roles including intelligence and cyber security. As a small business owner, I particularly value his experience creating high-paying jobs for New Mexicans by founding and growing his own successful companies. Bob brings fresh ideas and a solid and strategic vision for protecting election results, promoting voter engagement, and advocating for election reform to take the role of County Clerk to a new level and into the future.”

Terry Eisenbart,
Small Business Owner, The Aloft Group

“I’ve known Bob since his time as a New Mexico State Representative where he applied his common sense thinking to the challenges that face our State. Bob had by then already created a medical device company where he gained a valuable understanding of Information Technology. When I started a sales company to market my Identity security product, Bob joined me and brought those skills to the then nascent field of Cyber Security. His second career as a foreign service officer with the US State Department augmented his understanding of both physical and cyber security, both of which have critical importance when it comes to securing our vote. He is the right person for the job of Sandoval County Clerk and has my enthusiastic endorsement.”

Gerard Gagliano,
CEO Prodentity
Holder of 3 US patents on Identity Cyber Security
Nationally recognized Cyber Security expert by:
The US Department of Defense
The US Intelligence community and
The US Department of Homeland Security