Leading the Charge

“The recent national threats to election security underscore how important it is to elect people to County Clerk positions who have experience with technology, the intelligence community and cyber security.  As County Clerk, I will lead the charge to upgrade IT security and election procedures while remaining laser-focused on improving the voter experience for all.”

Bob Perls, former NM State Representative and former U.S. Diplomat.

I am running for Sandoval County Clerk in 2020 for three reasons:

  • Model Integrity:  The Clerk’s office must be non-partisan where all employees are scrupulously honest and hardworking.  Integrity in the office will contribute to integrity of election outcomes.  I want the Clerk’s Office to be a great place to work where happy employees provide outstanding customer service all the time.
  • Promote Voter Outreach: Only 55 percent of eligible voters in New Mexico actually vote and in primaries the percentages are much lower. The Clerk should be the chief engagement officer constantly reaching out to voters on Native American lands, in rural New Mexico and throughout Sandoval County.
  • Ensure Election Security: In New Mexico, the County Clerk is the chief election officer. In America, our elections are under attack. I have the technology and cyber security background to help modernize the Clerk’s office to protect election results from influence through smart use of the latest cybersecurity assets.

The past two years document that the threats against election security are real. The Russians tried to influence the 2016 elections and the Trump campaign benefited. These types of threats are much more severe and sophisticated than the background threats county and state governments usually see. To protect every vote, we need federal level expertise from the intelligence and law enforcement community filtered down immediately to all election officers in New Mexico. We need a Clerk who can modernize the office to address 21st century threats. I have the background, experience and desire to lead this effort.