Party Politics

I was raised by two liberal Democrats in Albuquerque and am proud to be a Democrat living in Sandoval County. I am a Democrat because we believe in equal rights and equal opportunity. We believe that government can be a tool to help ensure those rights. We believe that diversity strengthens our country and our democracy.

We believe that expansion of voting rights is critical and that engaging as many citizens in the voting franchise makes government more representative and empowers more people to take control of their representative government.

  • Democrat New Mexico State Representative, HD-44, 1993-1997
  • Democrat candidate for Congress, CD-1, 2000
  • Democrat candidate for PRC, District 3, 2004
  • Served on then candidate Barack Obama’s national small business advisory group, 2008
  • Served on then candidate Barack Obama’s national government efficiency advisory group, 2008
  • Interviewed at White House for Presidential appointment under President Obama for Assistant Secretary, Commerce, 2013
  • Democrat State Central Committee member, current